Interior Design Tips You Need to Know

22 Dec, 2022


Interior design involves the planning, styling and decorating of a property, through the use of furniture, artwork and finishes, to enhance the visual aesthetics  creating a more cohesive  environment. The effective styling of a home is key to fostering buyer engagement and increasing sales, with The National Association of Realtors stating that more than 50% of agents have reported a decrease in the time on market for staged properties.

Interior Design Tips

Less is More

Aligning with contemporary trends in interior design, minimalism is key. This involves eliminating clutter and selecting furniture and decor that effectively make use of the available space. Prioritisation is important to not only reduce the cost involved in home staging, but to also create a calmer, more spacious, environment that connects with the needs of a home buyer. 

Function over Style

While unique, stand-out, pieces may create a more outlandish and interesting initial impression, it is simplicity and functionality that ultimately appeals to the majority of property buyers. Although aesthetics are important, it should not impede upon a functionality of a home, as the key element that interior design should emphasise is liveability.

Balance is Important

While it is important to depict the functionality of a home, it is also essential to maintain a balance with the inclusion of accent pieces. Smaller decorative elements, such as miniature artworks, bowls and coffee tables, are a useful medium that allow for the creation of a more personalised, lively and interesting home. Thus, the inclusion of occasional accent pieces help to differentiate a home from a showroom, fostering a balance between eye-catching design and liveability.

Good Lighting is Essential

An abundance of light, whether natural or artificially created, is necessary to brighten the ambience of a home and create a more spacious feeling. When it comes to interior design, it is important to factor in lighting into the budget, as any well-designed room can be spoiled by improper lighting. Take into consideration windows, sheer curtains, floor lamps, overhead lighting and white coloured walls to create a more spacious and luminous interior. A variety of layered lighting helps to ensure and maintain homeliness and visual appeal throughout the day, with most homes requiring three types of lighting: general, accent and task. General, or ambient, lighting illuminates a room in a uniform manner, ensuring overall visibility and clarity. Accent lighting is utilised to accentuate certain key elements or features within a space, such as artworks or decorations, whereas task lighting is an adjustable light source used on certain occasions to assist the performance of specific functions, such as study lamps or reading lights. Hence, an assortment of lighting, both nature and artificial, are key to emphasising both the style and functionality of a home.

Plan Before you Spend

Spatial planning before making significant investments is an essential aspect for interior design to ensure that the colours align and that the various objects are selected and installed in a manner that provides proper spacing. A rule of thumb is that the major investment pieces are couches and beds, both visually heavily centre pieces to draw attention. Once the main items have been found, various smaller accent pieces and accessories can then be purchased to enhance the gaps. Planning is essential to ensure that you dont overspeed and to make sure each item fits in the room in a cohesive manner that leaves enough space for functionality.

How DragonVR Helps

At DragonVR, our main goal is to facilitate interior visualisation in an accurate, yet cost-efficient, manner. We provide customisable 3D, interactive, virtual displays of properties that accurately depict all the details of a home, including the furniture, decorations and finishes. When it comes to interior design, our services allow for trial and error before a significant investment is made, meaning you can virtually test how various elements of a home interact within a certain space. The digital aspect of the VR walkthrough also means that it can be easily viewed and shared to allow for multiple opinions. 

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