Why Home Staging Enhances Property Sales

05 Dec, 2022

What is Home Staging

Home staging involves the arrangement of furniture, decorations and homeware to enhance the aesthetics of a property, improving its appeal to prospective buyers. By aligning with current market trends, home staging increases the value of a property by allowing potential buyers to visualise how a space can be utilised, and the lifestyle it affords. Home styling is not an expense, but rather an investment, driving up the value of offers and decreasing the time required to make sales.

Benefits of Home Staging

Increased Buyer Interest

First impressions count! By allowing prospective buyers to envision their future in a home, property staging helps to enhance their immediate interest in a home. The display of move-in ready homes ensures that customers can connect emotionally with a property from the moment they view it. This was especially prevalent during COVID-19, where the inability to host in-person walkthroughs, and subsequent reliability on pictures or virtual tours, made visual appeal a major influencer regarding buyer interest. As such, styling a property with trending furniture and art pieces became a key part of selling a home. According to The National Association of Realtors, home staging has helped approximately 82% of buyers visualise respective properties as their potential homes. 

Return on Investment (ROI) and Higher Offers

In the current market, it is essential to think of home staging as an important investment, rather than an expense. According to HiPages.com.au, for every dollar invested into home staging, $3 is made in return upon sale, equating to a 3-6% improvement in sales value for staged homes, compared to unstaged properties. With staging, you have the opportunity to accentuate the positive aspects of a home and minimise the negatives, increasing its perceived value. Hence, styling a property to appeal to a target demographic is essential to incentivising higher offers.

Faster Sales

As reported by HiPages, on average, a styled home sells within 33 days of listing on the market, in contrast to the 90 days taken for unstaged properties. This suggests an approximate 63% improvement in sales periods for homes that have been styled effectively. Due to the significant role of first impressions and visual appeal in selling homes, aesthetics not only play an important part in driving faster sales, but also contributes towards an increase in the number of listing views due to an increase in the amount of people that are drawn in by a well-staged home. Therefore, home staging not only draws a high offer, but assists in decreasing the time a property is listed on the market.

Interior Visualisation

Another noteworthy benefit of home staging is its ability to assist prospective buyers in making sense of the floorplan and visualising how the space within a home can be utilised most effectively. Styling a property eliminates the need for guess work, especially amongst trickier layouts, such as curved walls, vaulted ceilings or triangular rooms. This is done by having interior design professionals analyse and stage each room in a manner that adheres to the desires of the majority of potential buyers across a certain demographic. As such, professional styling is key to removing buyer confusion and doubt by facilitating the provision of interior visualisation.

Overall, home staging is a key investment made to enhance property sales. Not only does it increase buyer interest and connection by improving the aesthetic appeal and allowing them to visualise the effective utilisation of an interior space, but it is a notable driver of faster sales and higher returns on investment.

How does DragonVR Help?

Within the contemporary market, and amongst the ongoing pandemic, virtual reality tours play a key role in facilitating interior visualisation and fostering sales. With DragonVR’s advanced technology, we are able to provide sellers with the ability to virtually stage both the interiors and exteriors of a home, including the exact detailing of furniture, decoration and finishes. This results in a significant reduction in the investment required to physically stage a property, and eliminates the need to rent furniture and art pieces. Since the walkthrough is completely digital, it is easily accessible and shared through devices so that it can be experienced by anyone, anywhere. 

If you’re looking for a revolutionary way to enhance buyer engagement, improve the value of your property and drive sales, contact us today to learn how we can work together!


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